Knowing life of someone does not always mean to go through what they did in their life history, but also through their experience and skill that helped them to be adorable. Romany Malco, well known to us all as American musician and side-role actor is the one of whose life is miraculously fantastic. The man, who is ex-husband of Taryan Dakha, is the one who is able to succeed in his life through his career and skill building experience. Today, we will discuss Romany Malco life insight, his net worth and earnings!

Romany Malco Life Insight: Private and Married Life

Being one of the famous musicians, Malco is able to build his empire in an island named Puerto Rico. As mentioned in his personal official blog, he loves to be with his family and the place is to be far safer than the US.

Romany Malco and Taryan Dakha

Romany Malco and Taryan Dakha

Romany was married to Taryn Dakha who was once known to world as ice skater. According to his blog, they met in the set of the movie in 2007. Neither date of their marriage is disclosed, nor the date of their divorce. Right out of his blog, he mentioned Dakha to be his former wife.

Romany Malco Career: Musical and Acting

Career is not started right after the birth; it is built after getting along with. In case of Romany, he started his musical career forming a rap group named R.M.G. right off from graduation. After the group shifted to LA, Virgin Records signed the group. But later, he disbanded the group name and changed it to College Boys.

Romany is known to all as musician along with actor. Till date, he already played role for 25 movies. Well known as comedian too, he was successful enough to be exceptional among other actors. Apart from big-screen movies, he is also seen in featured TV series. The recent series he played was Mad Dogs.

Romany Malco Net Worth and Earnings

Although most of his earnings are not disclosed publicly, we made some discoveries. We now know his exact net worth and earnings both.

Celebrity Glad mentioned about Malco’s earnings starting from the year 1999 to 2002. From the movies he played on, in 1999, he was paid $130,435. Similarly in 2000, he was paid $325,275 for two movies: The Prime Gig and The Wrecking Crew. In 2002, he earned from the movie White Boy and The Tuxedo in sum of $437,500.

His earnings from the movies increased immensely just in 3 years, so we can say that he now earns more than $500,000 per movie.

Going through Romany Malco net worth for instance, it is estimated to be around $3 million. His net worth of 2012 was stated to be $1.54 million, which increased by $1.46 million in short period of 4 years.