One of the models with captivating personality and astounding looks is Samantha Hoopes. For most of celebrities, it is hard to keep all private matters in a box as their fans are constantly following their activities. But, in case of Samantha, she is open to all, and most of her information is already shared with her fans. She is not so private and her affairs always come in highlight. Today we will be discussing about Samantha Hoopes dating life, her dating history and name of current boyfriend.

Is Samantha Hoopes Dating Someone? Who’s Her Boyfriend?

If you are following Samantha on her instagram account, the name Matt Mosko is not new to you. He is not too much known to the world because he never came in limelight before. Their first meeting is still a mystery but they do share best pictures together.

Till date, we have not found any problematic situation in their love life. Also, no news of their breakup ever came to media. Talking about having pictures in instagram account, Samantha might have quite few pictures, while Matt’s account shows more than that of her.

The couple is in long-time relationship and already gone to vacation in different places of the world. They do have a dog, with which they share good moments as well.

Samantha Hoopes Dating History: Other Men She Dated Till Date

As of now, Samantha is happily living love life with Matt, but this name is not the only one that is linked with Hoopes. Once, her name was linked with Russell Wilson, as mentioned in TMZ. There was news that this American Footballer and actress were seeing each other for quite some time.

As mentioned in Rants Sports, they were seen in public places holding hands together and were fond of eating outside.

Being with Russell was no more than rumour. But her name was also attached with Blake Griffin. As mentioned in TMZ, the duo were seeing each other, but soon broke up.