In music industry, Melanie is name of emerging singer. She is the one who gained fame through ‘Cry Baby’ album. The one who has gained 6th position in Billboard Hot 200; anyone could be fan of her. In this column, we will be discussing about the person who succeeded in gaining her heart. Stay put, we will be disclosing Melanie Martinez dating history, her current affairs and her boyfriend’s name as well.

Is Melanie Martinez Dating? If Yes, Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Melanie is indeed dating a gay. Their relationship goes way long back but the duo officially announced it on 14th February 2016, in Valentine’s Day. The luck guy’s name is Michael Keenan. The announcement was made through her official twitter account. Here is the status she made:

Michael Keenan Feels Thankful For Being Boyfriend

It’s already been around a year the duo hooked up officially. Michael, who is her boyfriend feels thankful for being by her side and also feels lucky having her by his side. Here is one picture that we found perfect to describe what we mean.

#2016 was a year. No telling what 2017 will bring. Thankful to continue growing.

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In the end of 2015, Michael also posted similar pic in his instagram account. This clarifies that the duo were in relation far before than they actually stated. Their love life is going smooth and there is no news of their breakup soon.

Top 9 of my last year. Looking forward to 2016

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Melanie Martinez’s Inspiration is Her Boyfriend Melanie

Melanie Martinez and Michael KeenanYou might not know but, Martinez’s inspiration for success is Michael all alone. Once in an interview, she disclosed about it clearly. When her ‘Cry Baby’ album became hit, she described the track Soap. She mentioned about having difficulty while confessing her love.

Moreover, she stated that ‘Soap’ is solely dedicated to her boyfriend Michael. Melanie explained about how hard she felt before confessing her feelings. Also she mentioned being scared and having some unacceptable moments as well. It seems like she loves to talk in metaphoric way.

‘This type of situation comes in everyone’s life, about being scared in confessing. Well I felt is that way and then washed away scare with soap.’

Melanie Martinez Bitter Past

Martinez is quite a luck woman to have Keenan, one loving man in her life as boyfriend. She seems happy of her current affair, but her bitter past hounds her more. She was ‘The Voice’ contestant who poured pain and clash in her performance.

Melanie Martinez Single

When the judges asked if she is no okay or something, she explained about her ex-lover who dumped her. But her performance was so good, as it was sang through her heart. Now, she has totally forgotten what happened in past, and is enjoying her love life.