Matt McGorry, who rose to fame through the series named ‘Orange is the New Black’ from Netflix, is also a body builder. Before working as actor, he used to run a gym and also used to give some tips regarding body building. Matt, 31, recently disclosed his personal life and claimed that love cannot lure him this soon.

You might not believe the one with good biceps and triceps is not linked with anyone. But a person with no good talking habits, we can say it’s natural. Also, once in 2014, his sexual orientation was questioned as well. He opened up being not good talking with girls, thus people speculate him to be gay. So today, we will be disclosing who Matt McGorry’s girlfriend really is along with his past dating rumours and affairs.

Is Matt McGorry Dating Someone?

Matt McGorry is Single

Matt is a secretive man who never discloses his life to media. Not much of his information is known to the world. When we asked him the whereabouts of his love life, he gave us a statement:

‘I won’t say I do not like girls, but the feeling one should have while talking to them never came to me. That’s why I am trying to learn how to do it. And for me, dating is nothing more than auditioning for perfect partner.’

Matt does not think it’s good not being able to talk with girls, but we think that is pretty innocent. So, for now he is single and not dating anyone. We hope Matt would find his partner soon.

Matt is Not Married Yet: How About His Dating History?

Matt McGorry is already 31 years old but has not thought of hitching soon. Also, we did not find any information regarding his past affairs and so on. It really is surprising that the writer of the famous movie ‘How He Fell in Love’ never fell in love.

In an interview taken by Salon, Matt gave one surprising statement:

‘It would be shocking if I fall in love so easily.’

‘My love would be my career. It’s rare to find something that would make me feel go la la.’

Matt McGorry is Allegedly Gay

With these statements, we can conclude that he has never been interested in girls nor fell in love. He might be thinking that dating is just another distraction to the work. He claimed himself to be feminist; here is the tweet that could prove this:

Being feminist does not mean being gay, so we do not judge him as gay. Whether or not, it will be proved when Matt himself opens up to the media.