There are high numbers of people around the world who are likely to get rumors whatever their work may be. If he/she is spotted with same sex person, what we usually speculate him/her to be LGBT. Like Miles Heizer, another person speculated to be gay is Lee Pace. If you don’t know who he is, he is the great Ronan from the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ The great Tyrant Lee Pace gay rumor is hitting the market as of now. So, what’s his sexuality? What about his love life with girlfriends and boyfriends in past? Stay put to know more!

Is Lee Pace Gay or Straight?

It is not so rare for us to find gay rumors as of now, as there are numerous people speculated to be gay and LGBT in Hollywood.

In case of Lee Pace, IMDB reports him dating boys and is bi-sexual. In the year 2014, his named was alleged to be with Richard Armitage and he was alleged being gay. Richard is famous name as he starred in ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.’

This rumor came out in a first place when a picture of both was leaked in media. In this picture, both were seen dining together with family.

Lee Pace and Richard Having Dinner

The rumor became much stronger when the news of both playing golf together came out. As mentioned in reports, they were seen together along with four children.

Lee and Richard in Golf Cart with Four Children

So is he gay? You might think he is, but he is not. He closed all allegations when he became fiancé of Samantha Colley in the year 2016.

Lee Pace Dating History

Lee’s love life is pretty amazing. He was alleged being gay and dating boys along with linked up with girls. We surfed through Who’s Dated Who and found out that he had hit with few ladies in past.

Laura Donnelly was the last lady he dated. The duo was together for a year starting in 2015. Before her, his girlfriend was Carter Smith. Both were in relationship for four years. Before Carter, Anna Friel was the one with whom Lee hooked up. Back in 2007, both split as their kiss became controversial.


Lee’s dating life started back in the year 2002 when he was linked up with James Calleri.  After split with James, in 2005, he was seen together with Jason Moore.