If you are GOT (Game of Thrones) lover, you must know who Finn Jones is. Yes, he is known as Ser Loras Tyrell from Tyrell family. He portrayed the role of a gay, which gave him another name of being Knight of Flowers. When he was seen as gay for the show, many questioned him whether he is gay in his real life or not. Today we shall cover the fact about if is Finn Jones gay or straight.

Finn Jones’ Feelings for Gay Community

Among various other celebrities like Daniel Tosh, Finn is one who has feelings for Gay Community. The Game of Thrones, a hit series written by George R.R Martin. You might not know, but Finn is also a gay right advocate; and he fought back for the rule in Australia of not allowing gay marriages. Back then, in 2013, he expressed his feelings and dissatisfaction he had because of the rule made:

‘I was happy to know about it’s being legal, and soon it wasn’t. What’s the problem going on with him? He may have some issues with Women or Men. Why should he strain all people, I mean, we all have right to love, don’t we?’

Finn Jones in Game of Thrones

Finn Jones in Game of Thrones

Finn Jones in Game of Thrones

Finn Jones have feelings for the gay and gay marriage along with gay love as he knows how it would be like being a gay, although was limited to TV show. Further, he also mentioned about his character in the show:

‘Being a gay for the show is never a tactic to show gay emotion. I never felt it problematic to be gay for the show. But what I need to say is, using gay character as comedian or something like a weak human being is not appropriate.’

‘What I love being Loras is that, he loves feminine side. Along with that, he is also a strong-minded role with fighting nature. I like being in his role, as it might be good example for modern gays; about how it would be being a strong character in society.’

Is Finn Jones Gay?

As Finn portrayed gay character as Loras, Renley’s lover in Games of Thrones; people expected him to be gay in real life as well. The people expected him to be gay off-screen as he played gay role very significantly. Thus, people also started searching about his boyfriend as well, but to tell you the truth; he is straight. According to WhoDatesWho.com, Finn Jones is not seeing anyone.