Relationship is very delicate thing. If you do it right, it may sustain for long, but if you not, the relation might end up sooner. When it comes to celebrity dating life, sometime keeping in secret might be the best thing. We are talking about Emeraude Toubia who has successfully kept her love life in secret leaving no chance of leak. She was hooking up with Prince Royce, but is she still in love with him? Is Emeraude Toubia dating Price Royce or is single now? If you are here to know that fact, stay put!

Is Emeraude Toubia Dating Prince Royce?

The news of the duo hanging out came for the first time in the year 2011, August. The rumor spread like a wildfire for years, and kept their fans and followers in confusion whether they are in love or not. But, they became sure, when both agreed and announced their love life in the year 2016 April.

In an interview with Latina, Emeraude confirmed her love life with singer boyfriend Prince Royce. Here is the statement:

‘He is the one who makes dreams come true and I admire him.’

She continued:

‘I have seen many people fighting for their dreams, and he is like a role model for them. I love his songs and music, as he is the one I have known for much of time.’

Moreover, Emeraude also mentioned about her first meeting with Royce:

‘We met for the first time with friends in a restaurant.’

‘He was expecting another girl, but I went first and that’s how it all went.’

She also mentioned how important it is for her personal life to be safe, and how she avoids rumors and gossips.

‘Rumors about me always arise in media, but the best way to avoid it is by keeping each and everything safe.’

Emeraude Toubia and Prince Royce Public Appearance

Emeraude Toubia with Prince Royce in Miami Fashion Week

In the year 2016, June 3rd, the duo was spotted in Miami Fashion Week. The event was held at Ice Palace where she appeared in colourful dress. Both were sitting in front row of the show.

Emeraude also featured in music video of Prince Royce named ‘Culpa al Corazon,’ which came out in the year 2016, January.

Emeraude Toubia Quick Bio

Canada born Emeraude came to this world in the year 1989. She grew up in Texas, US. She was born to Mexican Lebanese family in which her mother Mirta Sonia was Mexican while her father was Lebanese. She joined Homer Hanna High School and also joined ballet dancing class.

5 feet four inches tall Emeraude started her acting career in the year 2013. She started her career after featuring in ‘11-11: En Mi Cuadra Nada Cuadra.’ Then she started starring in different series like Shadowhunter, Cosita Linda, Tattoed Love and more.