Relationships are made and ended quite easily. Some look for new partner while some go through seclusion. David Harbour is one guy of whose love world is motionless. Well known to all as American actor, who was living his love life happily before breakup. There is some news now that David Harbour dating some girl. Is it true? If yes, who is his new girlfriend? Well lets us find it out!

Previous Girlfriend: David Harbour and Julia Stiles

For 4 years, starting 2011, David was in relation with Julia who is well known actress of the America. The year 2016, Who Dates Who, it is still mentioned that Julia is the only girl in the list of girlfriends of David.

David Harbour and Julia Stiles

David Harbour and Julia Stiles

The duo was seen most of times in public places for 2 years. In the year 2011, Just Jared, David and Julia were seen together in NYC streets. They were seen together in the movie ‘Between Us’ as well.

However, the relation didn’t go past 4 years. They ended up in 2015. After the split, Julia was seen together with Preston J. Cook with who she is already engaged. For David, is he moved on or is single?

Has David Harbour Moved On? Who is He Dating Now? Married?

After split with Julia, David was kind of upset with his life. He became more silent than he was before. His relationship status is not open to all public, thus we might not know either he is married already or has new girlfriend.

According to internal source, David is not married yet and his relation status is single. This either means he does not want any further relation, or it means he is finding it difficult to move on.

David did mention about his engagement with Jake Gyllenhaal but only on-screen. It’s yet unknown when this handsome would get a perfect partner for his life!