A teen actor who is known to world as Luke Ross is rumoured seeing someone. Yes, we are talking about Luke from Jessie, Cameron Boyce dating a girl from same profession. Boyce was seen together with his co-star Brenna D’Amico for the movie ‘Descendants 2.’ This rumour fled through internet and tabloids when the picture of both came highlighted in Instagram.

Is Cameron Boyce Dating Brenna D’Amico?

It seems that both Disney stars are close enough. They first met at the set of the movie, and were rumoured to be seeing each other most of times. We can find some off-movie videos of them in internet as well. Here is one picture from the Instagram that we want you to see. Look how adorable this beautiful couple are looking!

#The20th! #insidejokegamestrong 💪🏽😂

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In 2016, August 20, the duo was seen having dinner together, Just Jared confirms. The duo was not alone though. They asked Dianne and Sofia Carson to give a company. This type of hints surely gives a hick on us, but also points out them to be enjoying a date. It is still not fully confirmed about their dating, but still they might announce it to the world soon enough.

Happy Birthday to this goof! Never a dull moment✨ Miss you & wish I was there to celebrate with you!

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In order to get more proof about them, we dug into the instagram account of Boyce where we found a cute twin picture. The twin whom we mentioned about is not a baby, but twin outfits, just like how love birds wear. In this picture, it seems like the duo is on hike with parents and girlfriend.

More About Rumoured Duo

Cameron Boyce, 17 years old cast of the movie ‘Descendants’ series was seen with Brenna in first movie as well. Cameron, who is also known being singer and dancer, chose a girl from same profession with similar hobby. Brenna too loves singing and dancing, and she have opened her official YouTube channel as well.

As of current scene, they might be just good friends hanging out or enduring single ship, but we cannot say that they are not dating. We all know, love blooms only after being friends and it just takes some time to be officially confirmed. We think, they might realize on their own about what will happen if one of them leaves other.

The fans and followers of both Cameron and Brenna are waiting desperately the fact about their relationship. We can just say that they might be dating, but you can only know if they confirm their love life officially. Stick with us to know if they announced or not, we will notify you as soon as they confirm.